The Break Up Song (Prod. by Rickey)

October 3, 2017

Seems like sports teams across the land are breaking up with important figures in their organizations. John Coppolella has thrown himself into some real hot water, and Rick Pitino isn't going to come out of his situation unscathed either. The guy sit down to discuss all the happenings in this wild week of sports. Oh yeah, Rickey did most of the heavy lifting on this episode.


Donald Trump

September 24, 2017

What kind of dumbass president attacks two of the biggest brands in their country and the faces of those brands? OUR KIND OF PRESIDENT, that's who. Donald Trump continues to make America a laughing stock, but King James and Steph Curry ain't having it. KD, don't make a new twitter to listen to our show. Just do it from your personal twitter. 


Issa Podcast

September 14, 2017

Will the Cleveland Indians ever lose again? We try to provide our guesses for when the streak will end. 

Once again, racism and police brutality have made it back onto the show as we discuss Michael Bennett's recent experiences and Jemele Hill's inflammatory remarks about the president. 

The NFL has returned and some teams showed out, while others barely remembered to show up!


The Story of OJ (We Might’ve Been Drinking…again)

September 7, 2017


Another long absence, but it's not ALL our fault. And we made sure to bring the hot fire in this episode. Baseball is finally winding down and football is upon us. We discuss some of the biggest games from the opening weekend in College Football. 


The Juice

July 27, 2017

The Juice is Loose! And the guys are on opposite sides of the "Did he do it?" argument. 

Kyrie won't stop being a baby and frankly, we're tired of hearing him complain about his money train!

The Braves traded Jaime Garcia and the rest of the teams in the league are brewing as the July 31st trade deadline approaches.



Barry Bonds

July 16, 2017

BASEBALL EPISODE AHEAD: This episode has literally nothing to do with Barry Bonds. We're just trying to continue a theme here. But we're back from the All Star break and baseball's hot stove is about to heat up again. With the trade deadline around the corner, we discuss trades that'll probably never happen. We also preemptively predict the MLB's major award winners at the halfway point.


I Can’t Hold My Liquor

July 11, 2017

For some unknown reason, we thought it would be a good idea to drink while recording this week's show. Not even really sure what we talked about but it IS sports related. Although most of it is probably incoherent babbling. And, at some point, we also thought it would be fun to call our old pal Dante to discuss something or other. Now, turn the lights off, be quiet and get us some Gatorade. 


Sorry 4 The Wait

July 1, 2017

We're finally back and this week we discuss the trades made before, during and after the NBA draft. Cody talks about the terribly ugly new Predators jerseys and how the Vegas Golden Knights ripped his heart out before even stepping onto the ice. Bartolo Colon is no longer a Brave and both of us are pretty happy about it. 


The Draft is Coming, The Draft is Coming!!!

June 20, 2017

With the NHL and NBA seasons behind us, we turn our attention to baseball. We're also keeping a close eye on the rumblings and rumors in the NBA. Cody reminisces about the wonderful season that the Nashville Predators had and Rickey praises the Best Of Enemies filmmakers for their wonderful 30 For 30 about the Celtics/Lakers rivalry.


Please, Don’t Let This Be Over

June 11, 2017

After a grueling NHL season, the Nashville Predators are one game away from elimination. Can they come back and force a game seven? 

Also, the Golden State Warriors are trying to close out the Cavaliers in five games. 

The Atlanta Braves aren't looking like a team that can compete for a playoff spot this year. 

Tiger Woods and his ongoing struggles away from the golf course.